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Remember chat rooms? Omegle.com does

Image representing AOL as depicted in CrunchBase
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My friend Blake recently stumbled upon a company called Omegle.com that lets you anonymously chat with strangers.  Another buddy of mine had previously suggested this service in video form, so I thought i would give it a spin.

All in all, the experience (below) reminded me of sneaking up to my room to cruise the AOL chatrooms as a pre-teen.  How exciting it was for a kid living in a town of 8,000 residents to be able to talk to 13 or eve, gasp,  14/fs.  I can still remember when I told my mom that sometimes I prenteded to be 13 or 14 because the older “girls” wouldn’t talk to me- She said not to be dishonest.

In a world of facebook and now google latitude (google’s location based social network), it’s crazy even for people of my generation  (X) to look back and remember living in the pre-cell phone world.

Here’s my Omegle convo:

Omegle.com: Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: oi

You: howdy

Stranger: oh hai
You: where are you from?
Stranger: brasil
Stranger: how bout u
You: USA
You: new york city
Stranger: awesome
You: where in brasil?
You: i hear great things
Stranger: tahiba
You: is that in the north?
Stranger: no
Stranger: west
You: check
You: this is such an old school idea
Stranger: that will be $40
Stranger: what is
You: reminds me of chat rooms in the late 90s
Stranger: i no isnt it terrible
You: i wonder why we came here?
You: my buddy just sent me the link
Stranger: if u get an answer give it to me
Stranger: i’m looking for answers to dull questions from a large sample of losers
You: well, im researching new technology companies while preparing for a job interviews.
You: which makes me a dull loser im pretty sure.
Stranger: no just a loser
Stranger: my questions are dull
You: actually, im thinking, fck, maybe i dont want to work for someone else anyway.
Stranger: moving my adjectives around
Stranger: lulz
Stranger: y
You: maybe i want to go to fcking spain and start a tour company
You: what’s lulzy?
Stranger: do u believe in god?
You: havent proven that he doesnt exist yet so sure.
Stranger: lulz is a corruption of the acronym lol
Stranger: it means laugh out loud
Stranger: y is an abreviation of why
You: ah checkk
Stranger: y do u say check?
You: im way out of the loop
You: check means “ok. i got it.”
Stranger: unicorns haven’t been proven to not exist
Stranger: same with gnomes, elves, fairies…
Stranger: dragons
Stranger: ur logic is flawed
You: i can’t say with 100% certainty that unicorns don’t exist somewhere.
You: my logic is fine.
You: look how big the universe is.
You: do i think there are unicorns on earth?
You: no
Stranger: yea u r right
Stranger: might be unicorns somewhere else
Stranger: lulz
You: jaja
Stranger: just like god
Stranger: both exist
Stranger: in peoples imagination
You: maybe but im not going to make assertive claims either way
Stranger: 4 what defines reality anyway
Stranger: u did well
Stranger: how many years did it take u to graduate college?
You: it’s whatever we want. i enjoyed sharing this moment with you stranger from brazil. tchau!

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