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How do you wake up?

Sometimes it’s useful to step back and imagine your ideal life.

From my buddy Drob:

“i start every day with this song, 1000 pushups, 1000 situps, 50 pullups, a brisk 5 mile run, and a 30 minute whirlwind reading of 15 blogs.  i then eat granola, fresh fruit, and raw eggs, take my multivits, kiss my girlfriend nicole lapin goodbye, and head off to my joint bioengineering/biomimicry-business (innovation ecosystem: efficacy of fundamental research and r&d to commercialization process) phD program, which draws on my undergrad physics major and my experience building an artificial photosynthesis start-up into a pre-IPO success story valued at $900mm with 750 employees.  today i will write an opinion piece for the ny times and record a song with my band– crazy ray kurzweil on keys, john doerr laying it down on bass, and steve quake frontlining with the voice that all the ladies love.”

Get after it.