By Brett Martin



This is the blog of Brett Martin. Expect musings on opportunity, inspiration, entrepreneurship, music, love, life and other things I like. The main purpose of the blog is to organize my thoughts and (hopefully) get feedback from smart people like you.

I spent the past two years on a Fulbright scholarship in Milano, Italia studying entrepreneurial resource allocation in early stage investors. Thanks to my adviser Thanos and to all of the gracious VCs and entrepreneurs that made my study possible.

Prior to the Fulbright, I learned about Internet marketing at an IPTV startup and started an indie rock band in NYC. Thanks to my talented musician friends for letting me play the bass (poorly) with them.

Before the music, I sailed the a 40 year old 30ft Ketch 6,000 miles at 4 knots per hour from Maine to Dominica to Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks to the Seapearl and to my shipmate for keeping us alive.

Before setting sail, I got my first post-college job (Dartmouth), as an equity research associate at Thomas Weisel Partners in NYC.  Thanks to Wall St. for providing the seed capital for my adult life.

Thanks to my parents for getting me through first 17 years.


6 responses to “By Brett Martin

  1. Loved the line “Thanks to Wall St. for providing the seed capital for my adult life.”

    I guess that well has now dried up.

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  3. Do you have any idea how hard you are to find?

    What’s your number and email. the laundry machine f*ed up your card.
    Great running into you.

  4. I’d love to see more of your research on entrepreneurial decision making. Can I still take you up on your offer to see the full research behind your blog post from last December?

  5. Hi Brett. Saw your post-mortem on Sonar — honest, insightful, you took responsibility, helpful. I’d like to buy you lunch see what you want to do next. May have an advisory gig to explore with you. Are you ever in LA (we have great surfing) Drop me an email.

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