Gaming as a Trojan Horse

Plura processing is a startup that uses excess capacity on gamer’s computers to do grid computing. Their business model involves buying capacity from the game developers and selling it to those in need of computing power at prices comparable to amazon web services.

There are privacy concerns both for the company whose problems are being sliced and diced and sent out to thousands of people’s computers and the players whose computers are being used to compute.  Also, any associated slow down in computer performance is sure to piss off people that just wanted to play solitaire.  That said, i love bmodels that add a completely new and uncompeting revenue streams.

This got me thinking, what kind of service could use excess capacity/functionality of mobile gamers? when i look down the cab on the NYC subway, I see at least 5-6 people playing solitare or Iphone finger-snake.  Do any technologists have any idea what a huge grid of mobile phones running a background service could accomplish?

Games make great trojan horses, I am just trying to think of what to put inside of them…

More on trojan horses later.

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