What does your voice sound like underwater?

If we were fish i would find you playing dangerously close to a thermal vent. Riding bubbles rocketing toward the sky, past boundless, multicolored coral groves. Schools of more obedient fish scatter and hide as you dance amongst superheated oblate spheroids of toxic gas- Isn’t this fun!?! “Try it, just once,” you shout over your fin. But they cant hear you, having retreated to safer, more temperate currents that flow to more predictable patches of sea.

Why is this and why is that? ooohhhh, and. Stop.

Maybe this dark and scary cave is just lonely?

Streak and Flash! All you leave are the heated liquid vibrations of a smile that now warms new space. How you dart! Like moonlight on chain mail, your little scales are not ostentatious just well made. One moment’s glance brings another.

You are complex, understated, and beautiful. Adamantine, to a point. You bend and bounce and stretch and purrr when pet or wet. Years of little questions and patient observation have sewn your skin into soul like rings make the tree. You are a fish that i met by a thermal vent under the sea.

One response to “What does your voice sound like underwater?

  1. Just as beautiful as the first time I read it. Hearts.

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